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Escape Rooms

Since 2016 Thomas has been designing Escape Rooms in New York City. He began with work for 59:59 Escape Rooms, creating such games as 'The Winchester'; he was then scouted by Exodus Escape Rooms, where he went to design 'Exodus', and 'Masquerade'. At present time he is a freelance designer and has worked for corporate clients that include Anheuser-Busch. For SXSW 2018 he worked with AB to design the '15 Minutes To Make History' game, which has since gone on to tour top university campuses in the US and Canada as a recruiting tool. The game demonstrates challenges potential candidates might face at AB, references their biggest wins, and allows players to sample their corporate culture.

Thomas' game designs focus on story as much as tech and puzzle ingenuity. When contacting him regarding Room Escape services, you can gain a free phone consultation if you can find the movie title hidden on this page. Only clients who reference this movie title in their first letter to him will be eligible for this reward.

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