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In addition to his work as an actor and a musician, Thomas is also an award winning writer for the stage and screen, and a much sought after freelancer. His handiness with a keyboard has lead to engagements spanning everything from simple copywriting to Escape Room scripts. 

Thomas' dramatic work presents fresh takes on the dilemmas of modern times, at turns veering in to discussions on love, sex, feminism and the place of the artist in the world. His play 'Dorothy of Nowhere' follows the story of a young Irish girl discovering her poetic voice in relation to the women in her life, her boyfriend, and the work of WB Yeats. It went on to win Origin Theatre's WB Yeats Emerging Playwright Award (In Association with The Abbey Theatre Dublin) as well as the Origin 1st Irish Festival Audience Choice Award.

'Would He Be Woody' sees a deeply troubled man wrestle with his twin obsessions for his ex-girlfriend... and Woody Allen. So obsessed is he with the filmmaker that he turns himself in to a caricature of him, mimicking his mannerism and voice. This leads him in to a steady decline that rips him further and further away from reality.

'Godot Was Here', his first play, written at age seventeen, was originally created to fulfill part of the IB Theatre curriculum, but quickly became something much more. At once a satirical take on the idea of a sequel to 'Waiting for Godot', and an exploration of modern play-writing and theatrical practice, 'Godot Was Here' swerves between high-thought and Pythonesque silliness from page to page. It was produced first in Oman, and was subsequently picked up and mounted by 'Off the Fence Theatre' in Leicester. Reviews praised its wit, intelligence, and Stoppard-esque humour.

Thomas is also a reviewer for various outlets including Popdust and OnStage. His writing has been described by the industry as "the critical equivalent of bestsellers". Amanda Palmer; lead singer of the Dresden Dolls, punk cabaret artist, and activist; called his article and interview with her "Easily the best and most understanding live review I’ve ever gotten... thank you." Swiss pop-star Bastian Baker, in response to Thomas' coverage of his work on the Shania Twain tour and on his self-titled album, said "Thomas is the man." Country Music Star Raleigh Keegan referred to his article on him as "one of the most thoughtful pieces written about my life and music that I’ve ever read." You can catch up on his latest output here.

In addition to all of this, Thomas has written the scripts to several Escape Rooms. The most illustrious of these was Anheuser-Busch's '15 Minutes to Make History' experience, which he designed, voiced, and ran. The room was demoed at SXSW in 2018, and has since gone on to be a campus recruiting tool, and corporate event utility for the company. You can learn more here.

Finally, Thomas also works to commission as a script-editor, room escape consultant, biography, ghost and copy writer. Clients have included Adam Doleac, Harper Grae, Brennley Brown, David Fanning, Chase Martin, Macy Martin, Yang Wang, Mumtaz Hussein, Exodus Escape Rooms, and many others. Please enquire for rates.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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